Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Only a week ago

This was our view last Wednesday...snowy (about 12 inches I think they said for our area) and it was a very wet, heavy spring snow. Missy was just enjoying the view of the snow.

So this week is a different story. Monday it was in the 70s, yesterday was a new record high of 82 (man was it beautiful out), and 70s again today before we get rain and possibly snow again. It's a dangerous time to wear flip-flops (never know if you will be hiking it in snow by the time work is done), but I am being a daredevil today (heehee).

I got a nice little surprise Monday night when Jeremy asked me if I knew we had a hole in our window. What do you mean a hole? Yep, there it was...a hole in our window, someone had shot a bb gun and hit our window, and it's not a small window either. Thank goodness it's double-paned. Sometime during the day, this hole appeared. I know it wasn't there Sunday when I opened the blinds to let the sunshine in. I just wish people were more honest and would own up to creating the hole. Sad, isn't it?

Well, onto more fun stuff. Here's a little rose I created using our Extra Large Fancy Flower punch, available until April 30. These are so much fun to do, and I will post a pic of the card this will be attached to, but you will have to wait until after Stamposium next weekend. I think I will add this to my Works of Art class that I still need to schedule in April. Stay tuned for the date...

I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday, and get out into the sunshine at least for a little while. ;0)


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