Monday, June 7, 2010

Summertime projects

Here is a patchwork bag that I made using our Scallop Square die and the Big Shot. Normally it would be called a rag bag, but when I put it together, old habits die hard as a person who sews. Traditionally, you put right sides together so that when you sew, the seams are on the inside and don’t show. However, when making a rag bag, you put the wrong sides together because you DO want the edges to show. I had all the panels sewn together and then took a look at it and thought “I am not undoing and redoing all of that. It is what it is.” It’s still cute, but not exactly what I was after.
I wanted to show you another flower pin that I made. I made this one specifically for Linda Hansen, who came to speak at our Spring Stamposium event in April. She needed one with some red in it so I put this together with some scraps that I had, along with scraps from the patchwork bag. I added feathers instead of tulle, because of a story she told us about her mom passing away and leaving her a sign after she was gone with a feather. It was a very touching story, and I wanted to do something special for her.
That’s it for today, but stay tuned for some more great projects.

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