Sunday, July 10, 2011

I {love} Thrifting Day was so much fun

Yesterday was I {love} Thrifting Day, organized (and beautifully I might add) my @mrgwhunting  ( and it was an amazing day. I met some really great ladies (Dee, i snagged your picture) who love thrifting and really you had to love it because we went to three, yes THREE Goodwill stores in one day! Whew! Good think I had pretty comfortable shoes on.

Lou, Anne, DeAnna, Diana, me and Kath at the Leetsdale Goodwill.

These ladies really knew how to shop and got some great stuff. I was simply amazed.

Here is what I scored and I was so excited. I found this great silver tray that I want to put a chalkboard middle on it to leave love messages for my family. I know they will love that (probably not, but they are gonna get them anyway). I don't know what happened to my picture so I will post that later. 

And then Joe (yes, Joe braved the Goodwill stores with us-he is so awesome) found this fabulous mirror hiding behind some of the pictures.

Then I found this great looking book. It's actually a cook book so I may get some good recipes from it too.

But this is the best find of the day. On the left is my lantern that I picked up for $1.50 and I thought it looked similar to one I had seen at Pottery Barn, so I snagged that in a hurry. It needed a little wax cleanup, but it was really cool looking.

So I get home and look up the lantern on Pottery Barn's website and lo and behold---tada!

The same EXACT lantern!!!! Woot! Woot!! Super-duper score!!!!

The one I got was the small one that sells for $49 at Pottery Barn! I can't stand it! I am so hooked on finding great bargains on stuff and decorating my home with these little gems.

I really gotta go to bed now so that I can get up in the morning.

Sleep tight.



  1. Hi Gina..
    Loui♥ here..
    I have a gorgeous pic of you with the tray!!
    what a fun day! had so much fun meeting all of you! I look forward to keeping in touch!
    thanks again!!

  2. Gina! Thanks for the post...I had a great time too! I was wiped out!!


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