Friday, April 30, 2010

I am so proud!

I figured out how to fix the date on my postings. In case you hadn't noticed, I was having a little technical difficulty with my posting dates. I figured it out--all by myself. Woohoo, I am so proud! I also got my blog to update my blog on my Web site, complete with pictures and all, thanks to a little help from Brenda Marshall--great instructions! This is so cool! To think I was cussing out technology earlier, and now I love it. I also got my blog updating Facebook, not sure if it's getting to Twitter or not, and it now shows on my Stampin' Connection page as well.

I am also gearing up to run my first 5k tomorrow morning. I am excited and a little freaked at the same time. I have never run anything before, and am just looking to finish the race. I will be running with some coworkers, and some of them have not run anything before either.

Just a quick note, this is the last day for ordering from the Occasions mini, so if you want anything, just visit my web site. The new Occasions mini will be posted tomorrow, along with May's color challenge.

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