Friday, April 8, 2011

Great finds for super cheap

Last week, Joe and I were out thrift store shopping in Lafayette at the place we seem to find the best deals. We usually split up and head off in different directions. I was in the store maybe 15 minutes and came across these great chairs. I have been wanting some side chairs with good lines, and these caught my eye.

I don't necessarily love the color, but they don't look too bad in our green bedroom at the moment. You can bet that they won't stay this color. My plan is to refinish the wood in black and recover them eventually. I just need to find the right fabric. (Scruffy just couldn't say out of the picture)

Then I turned around and saw this great desk buried under some other stuff.

I loved the look of it, and immediately set off to find Joe. My phone was dead so I couldn't just call him (why is my phone dead whenever I need to call him?). I had him look at it and he liked it too, as well as the chairs. It wasn't until we were looking at them, then it seemed like everyone was looking at them (isn't that always the way?). I think the desk may have been there for a while. I left him to babysit the desk and chairs while I went to go find the guys that work there to see if they would bargain with me (never pay asking price when you can usually get it cheaper). They were asking $30 for the desk and I got it for $20, and they were asking $30 for both chairs and I got them both for $25. Hey $5 is $5! We finally got to get rid of the broken cheapo desk we had that was barely hanging on to life. Now I have to find a way to hide all the wires from our PC.

So we went thrift store shopping in Longmont today and lo and behold I see this desk that looks really familiar (except for the price).

This one was a brand new one with tags still on it in perfect condition (mine has a few scratches on it--it gives it character). They were asking $189 - originally $219 for this one. We got an absolute FABULOUS deal on ours for $20! That made my whole day.

I also found this great chair at Habitat for Humanity for $25. I had to take the arm apart and reinforce it because it was really wobbly, but for $25, it was worth it.

I love the lines of the wood. Plus, I got my first taste at "recovering" so that when I am ready to recover this in fabric that I love, I will know what I am doing. Even my cat likes it.

My kids think we are crazy, but we are having so much fun. Plus, as you can see, our living room needs a lot of help. Now I have a few projects besides stamping to keep my busy. I may need a clone to get it all done.

Kitty approved (and he's really picky!)!

Now I need to find some wood flooring for my living room super cheap!


  1. Gooood shopping! Desks are a real rarity around here and I scoop them up when I can.

  2. Great finds, Gina!!


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