Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Make your own medallion

I have had some people asking me how to make the medallion on my award-winning card (just HAD to put that in ;0).) So I modified the directions a little bit from an earlier post.

For the medallion on this project, I cut a piece of 12x12 designer paper to 1 inch wide and scored it every 1/4 inch. Accordion fold this piece of paper. 

Place a piece of sticky strip on the end to hold the two ends together (makes a tube). 

Punch out a 1 inch circle and place sticky strip on it. Peel off the red backing and set aside. Form the paper to make it fan out and place on the circle, pushing down to adhere. 

Tie pieces of ribbon to the middle of a large the button with linen thread (or just thread the ribbon through the button and tie it), and if you want to tie in a charm or add a safety pin for a little more texture. This is a great way to use your scrap pieces of ribbon. 

Adhere the button in the middle of the medallion with sticky strip to cover the small hole in the middle. Adhere to the card. 

A variation on this medallion is to cut your paper an inch or inch-and-a-half wide and then use the scallop edge punch on one of the edges all the way across the long edge. Then score along the bumps, accordion fold and assemble as above. I actually did this in these photos.

That's it, super simple! Now you try it.

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