Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where has the time gone?

OMG! I am sooooo far behind in my blog posts. Looks like I need to update my header too.

So much has been happening here at our house, I feel so outta control! We have had teenagers drama, home renovation, rehab for my parents (sort of), and then just every day life mixed in with a few card classes.

The teenagers drama really is really just part of having a teen. All their friends come over, which I really don't mind, I actually like having them here. But sometimes they have their arguments and such between themselves and sometimes their parents, you know, just basic everyday life which is to be expected I guess. No biggie. I am actually very lucky to have all of them in my life.

But if you add to that the drama of your parents hurting themselves and then you become parents to them as well, well that's a WHOLE 'nother Oprah! My mom fell down in February and fractured her femur. Well I have discovered they say fracture for just about anything. She really "dented" the end of her femur bone at the knee. We have had to work with her to get it moving again and for 10 weeks she was not allowed to put ay weight on it, so she used her walker to hop around the house. Her poor hip and leg would get so tired from hopping. Finally she was told to start walking on it with the walker, which she has done great with. She has even migrated to using her cane instead. Hopefully they will tell her this week that she doesn't have to use them anymore.

Then in the middle of that, my dad took a tumble down the stairs. Yep, about 1 am, he fell from the top of the stairs to the bottom, knocked his head on the little refrigerator in the basement and knocked himself out, woke up, tried to clean himself off, went BACK upstairs and went to bed. My mom called me the next morning in a panic. He looked like someone had taken a bat to his head. He was all bloody and he had a black eye. We joke with him because he managed to get from the basement, where he left traces of his little accident all over, to upstairs where the only mess was his pillow and the bed a little, where he must have laid his head. We took him to the ER and four hours later all he had was five stitches (and a couple black eyes by that time). He was so lucky it wasn't so much worse.

In May, Josh was awarded with a letter from Bollman Technical for his work in Auto Tech.

We are so proud of him for this accomplishment. This seems to be where his passion lies, and we are working with him to get into college in this field. I think he will be going to Arapahoe Community College for their auto program in the fall, but this seems to change every so often. I think he will be very successful in this field. He has always had his head in the cars in some capacity, ever since he was little, anything with wheels has always fascinated him.

We also decided in May to renovate our living room. Well actually, my dog decided for us. She is getting really old and apparently could not tell the difference between my beige/white carpet and the green grass outside. Since she is a family member, we decided to get rid of the carpet. We put down an engineered hardwood floor, which we began about mid-April and finally finished Mother's Day weekend. It looks beautiful now, but this particular hardwood you had to glue down. We would work on it a little at a time. It would take two hours to put down about two feet x the width of the room worth of floor. Plus, we had to pull up some tile from the entry way into the family room, which really didn't want to come up. Here's the beginning process - yikes!!!!!

And here's the finished product. I love it. I still need to add in some accents with some color, but it is so much better than before.

Next we need to paint the family room. Sigh, and so it continues, but it is so needed and so worth it in the end. Right?


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